Glad your back up and running

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I for one am glad your back up and running again. I know you lost a ton of good information but it will soone be replaced. :D


This board is so great! you guys make it a wonderful place to be. With a little help from all of you, it will be back to normal soon.



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Thanks Man! --- yep, you're right about that.

Sorry to say -- it was either bite the bullet now? -- Or right in the middle of deer season. --- We now have the latest version and the site will be on a dedicated server.

All the graphics will be added as we can. --- Gotta have that campfire. ;)


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Thanks Woody!

Thanks for all you guys do for this forum. I understand the need to upgrade. I guess we can all work on getting that post count going! ;)


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Wanted to be tied with mike for most posts... :D :D :D



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Great to see this board back up and running!! I know there were a lot of people who were having withdrawals! :D


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I was goin' crazy

Man, I was going through withdrawals while you were down. Glad you're back up and runnin' :)


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i kinda like the new look,i was going through WITHDRAWL to! :D
Thank goodness, I thought Rack had me banned
MudDucker said:
Thank goodness, I thought Rack had me banned
as if i had any pull around here.....glad you got back on md,and as for your last remarks on the lost thread.....touche' business is great!

:D :D :D