How close do you park your ATV to your stand?

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I talked to a guy the other day that parks his atv at the bottom of the tree he is hunting out of. He claims he leaves less scent by just driving to the stand rather than walking to the stand. He has killed some really nice bucks doing this. What do you think? Park as far away as possible or park under the treestand?


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NEVER use one during deer season unless we are going to haul one out. Aint worth the risk and dang, how lazy can you be to not walk at least a mile to a good stand? (unless you have physical reasons that prevent you)

Whatever calorie I save aint worth the risk of spooking deer.
Usually several hundred yards. I don't like to drive anything, truck included, too close to where I'm going in to hunt. That said, I just don't buy that ATV's are too loud too much. My daughter shot her first deer this past weekend and we parked the ATV about 300 yards from the stand. She shot it 15 minutes later. I've shot and I've seen several people shoot nice deer after using one to get from camp to where they're going to get off and walk. The nicest buck I've shot here in Alabama, I drove to within 300 yards, parked and ended up watching deer actually watch pulp trucks bounce by after I was in my stand. I shot the buck two minutes after about the 5th truck of the morning went by.


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Depends on if they're use to hearing/seeing the atv's. But I think its comical how lazy people are. Walking is alot better for your health.


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Sold my ATV this year. Walking is the way to go. That being said, my Jeep Cherokee does cut down the walk a bit.
My is 1/2 mile from my stand and 1 mile from the truck. Beats walking all the way back to the truck to get it. Ride along a fence line and don't bother the deer.......RW


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I think it depends on your hunting place. If you are hunting in something like a farm environment where the deer see and hear atvs, tractors, trucks, etc regularly they are not going to be alarmed by an atv.

If you are in the remote woods where they dont see, hear or smell such things routinely any kind of vehicle should be left at the public road IMO.


200-300 yards minimum at my lease. I don't care what anyone says, I see more deer the farther I park. At my property I don't even get it out unless I shoot a deer.
Ive parked mine right under my stand and killed 3 deer this year a nice 8 point was one of them so I see no problem with it, for the one who says how lazy can you be to ride your wheeler to the deer stand I aint gonna get up that early to walk a mile when I can get a little extra sleep then get right out there in 5 min on the wheeler.

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I usually park mine about 3 or 4 hundred yards away and see lots of deer, Ive seen some of them so many times I call them pets. Two of them you can set your watch by. I hunt watching a road thru a very thick area on both sides with NO traffic on the road. Recently the river came up so high the only way for me to get to my stand without getting some very important parts wet was to ride my ATV. Parked it so close to my tower stand that i had to lean out to see it. Noticed absolutely NO change in deer movement.
I have a buddy in a wheelchair and he hunts from his atv and kills deer


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Last year I parked mine right next to my stand and saw plenty of deer. I even had a decent nine point whithin 30 yds with the 4-wheeler right under me. I think the deer get used to the sounds of motors from tractors and vehicles.
The guy that lets me hunt his land parks his right under the shooting house that we built for him. He doesn't sit in it often but when he does he parks directly under the floor. I think it is funny but he did kill one on opening morning that way. It was a four point so I don't know how it affects the big boys.