Interesting Game...


Fightin' Richts hold on for the victory. 27-19
Good for them!


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Should have been a lot worse. 4 dropped balls, at least two that would have been td's.

Also, my one knock on CMR is that his playcalling is suspect, VERY suspect.

If UM ever plays a complete game I dare say there might be two-three teams tops that can beat us, Ala, uGA and probably Pedo state.

My problem is I'm not sure we can beat vt AND Notre Lame. If I could choose I'd like to beat Vt because it's a conference game but lord do I hate Notra scum.

All that said, this year was completely unexpected and I'm excited to see what the seasons to come have in store.
The difference here is we haven't handcuffed him with the "Georgia Way"

He has full control at UM and is building a monster
Ummm hmmm. UM is going to be a good consistent 10-2 team. Some years 8-4, some 9-3, always going to a bowl game but just not quite enough to make it to an NC game.

We know all about it up this way.;)

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And you people would complain if he let a pot smoker keep puffing.

Which way do you want it? Candy Canes or Thug U?

And he's on scholarship because of his daddy, no other reason.....
Mercy! Put the gun away, TJ. I simply posted the link to show that Richt is doing what he has always done, discipline his players, no matter how good they are. I've always respected Richt for that. And I truly believe he is just what Miami needed.

And no worries, Richt will end up turning Thug U to Hug U before long! :p

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Coach Richt looks like he's put on about 20 lbs,I guess without the expectations to actually win and fill a stadium he can eat and sleep again.