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Out on a half day trip with Jeff - who had come down from South Carolina to fish with me....not only did we have a ton of laughs but he got an up close and personal introduction to Fruity Worms and the Spybait!

It took a couple of hours to figure what depth the fish were hanging out in - but once I figured it out, it was game on. Now don't get me wrong - we had to work for fish - the Humminbird showed "sketti" all over the screen at times - but could only get a one and done bite. So we were running and gunning.

The depth was around 25'....anything close to 25' was loaded....not 20' and not 30'....but if we pulled up on a waypoint in the 23'-27' range, some waypoints were loaded. Also - I bounced from humps to points and figured out the points were where we needed to concentrate on.

We'd throw the spybait over brush first...then ease in to drop shot...and yes, Fruity Worms Ruled! Ended the half day with 18 in the boat with some good ones and lost a few more. Sweet Rosey, Candy, Obsession, and Passion did the damage today.

Something I'm kneeling on the seat and somehow had his pull handle of his life vest under my knee. Jeff grabs his life jacket to put it on...and yep, you guessed it..."Pop", the dang thing opened up...scared the heck out of me.

Again - great fun and laughs...Jeff is a fun dude and pretty dang good fisherman! Hopefully he enjoyed the trip as much as I did. LJ