Navarre intracoastal waterway

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Al White

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Anyone fished the intracoastal waterway behind Navarre beach? I'm taking my flats boat down in June and plan to fish from there back towards Ft Walton. Any tips are much appreciated!


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Been a while since I fished there with my Dad. I seem to remember some grassy areas west of the Navarre bridge, on the mainland side, that we'd tear up the flounder in.


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Head east under the causeway and there are several nice grass flats on the right. On down a ways is an old wooden military dock that has some good fishing around it. Some good deep holes will hold some trout. Depending on how far up you want to go on the mainland side several miles up is a subdivision with a canal coming out of it. This spot has always been good for catching trout, though might not always be keepers, usually just fish into the mouth of the canal.

Now heading west we usually just fish the docks along the mainland side. There is a creek that comes into a nice grassy patch over on that side but got to get their early, as a lot of folks like to hit that area.

Good luck will be heading down later this month and then again in May.