OK, show of hands....


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i'm disappointed if i'm not seeing squirrels.. to complain ? you must be mighty young .. you are in their woods
There are areas in western NC that are thick with white squirrels.
Yep. Probably 10% of the squirrels here are white. You would think they would get picked off quick but they don't seem to.

When I was a kid one of the old timers in our bear hunting group would head shoot squirrels with his 30-30 if there wasn't much else going on. One morning while I was checking a ridge for tracks I heard him shoot 4 times over the coarse of an hour and a half or so. When I made it back down to the trucks he was sitting on the tailgate skinning 3 squirrels and a grouse. All head shot with his iron sighted 30-30.

He wasn't able to get out and walk far so when he couldn't hear dogs running he made his own action.
I seen a fox squirrel yesterday evening.
It had a black head with white nose.
The body was from grey to dark grey shoulders. That thing was was the highlight of my hunt and crawled up the tree next to me. It hung on a branch above my head making some odd squirrel noises I never heard before. Then just settled there for an hour before crawling higher into it’s nest. At dark I was in between a doe and a buck. The doe blew my cover five minutes before last light. Success was finding a fox squirrel home with deer nearby. I’ll be back to see them again.


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Other animals in front of you feeding, playing and relaxed signals to other animals that everything is safe. I won't even come out of my stand if crows are around and doing their noisy antics. I feel the probability of a deer coming out is bigger.


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Well I have never thought about it. I’ve had squirrels run up trees telling me they just seen something. Sometimes it’s a deer.
Deer know squirrels eat acorns and they may come around.
Squirrels are the watch dogs of the woods.
Well said!
I get my revenge in December and January...enjoy it now squirrels, for your days are numbered.
My Son and I are going to do the same after deer season is over.


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Only thing I will pull the trigger in the stand other than a deer is a stinking coyote.


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This is off topic, but I saw an all black squirrel near myrtle beach this summer. It turned out I ended up being more excited to see it than the beach front hotel we booked through Groupon. ;)

Jim Boyd

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Never thought about it.

Would never screw up a good deer hunt in something as minor as a tree rat.

I do admire a plate of them fried up, however.
How many have ever blasted a squirrel with your big bore out of frustration while sitting in the stand?

I haven't yet but ima be honest - I think about it every single time. Noisy lil l buggars. Can't imagine there'd be much left......
Have thought of pellet rifle as a possible option. Though. Just haven't done it yet.