Parker-Hale Midland 2100

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I am considering this rifle in 30-06. It comes with an old Redfield 2-7x scope. The seller is asking $400. It's got 200 rounds through it. What do you think? Flat shooter? Worth the price?
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Parker Hale, Husqvarna, Interarms MKX, S&W 1500 and the several other similar rifles are most all high quality rifles that are made very well. I'd prefer a fine example of one of them over many of the new bolt guns marketed today. I'd buy it (try to get it cheaper, if you want) and if you're upgrading the scope sell it on GunsAmerica for $50-$75. I doubt very much you'll be disappointed in the rifle.
I just bought a PH in .243. It is the most accurate center fire rifle I've ever owned(but some one did glass bed it). I got outbid for one in .300 WM and was very disappointed to lose out on that one.