Some of you wanted to see blood, so here it is...

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When I first started flint-knappin' a few of you wanted to see some blood.

We'll, we found it! :bounce:

I was doing some percussion work on this spall and hit my finger. The obsidian is so sharp, I didn't realize it until I saw the blood on my billet, and then the stone, and then my finger. :D :fine:

Here's the blood y'all wanted to see, and then the final product. A point about 4" in length... Not as perfect as I'd like it to be, but Nick told me... "know when to put it down". I'm trying to learn that. I had intended this point to be around 6" long, until I tapped one time too many with the billet... :banginghe :whip: :rofl:

And, the point... Midnight Lace Obsidian...



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Well worth the blood.:smash:

Nice point:cool:


Nothing like a little dedication to your craft. Now we know your at least a little serious.

Nice looking point.



ALRIGHT!!! When I see blood, I know you`re puttin` your heart into it! Nice percussion scars on that preform too! Keep on with it! :cool: :cool:


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Not enough blood. Try again. Try harder.
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Lthomas said:
Not enough blood. Try again. Try harder.
I'll see what I can do, Lthomas. Would you prefer a cut to the bone, or clean through? :rofl: :bounce:
I'm like that DOPE Smokin Monkey not enough Blood:biggrin2: :biggrin2:

Nice work though:clap: :clap:
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Researcher31726 said:
Sorry, D, I didn't look too good at the pix. (Blood makes me faint.)
(But I know your work was pretty!)

Thanks Sue. One for commenting me on work you haven't seen, and two, for the confidence in me to say it was good without having seen it. :rofl: ::ke:

Hope all is well...


I`m still waitin` to see that gator-tooth Tallahassee........................::ke: :D

Great point, by the way! :cheers: