Squirrel dogs

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I've been wanting a squirrel dog and this looks like one to me what you think? I have no idea where he came from. I went to my shelter one evening and he was in there laying on a pair of waders of mine. I don't even no anyone around the house that has these kind of dogs. I don't know but 1 squirrel hunter that hunts with dogs and he don't know where I live so I doubt he dumped him out at my house. He's runty looking and needs a good worming I thought about getting rid of him but this am I had him on my tailgate playing with him and taking the pic above and decided to break out the 22 pistol and shoot it a couple times to see if he was gun shy. He didn't flinch he acted like the blast didn't even bother him so I'm thinking surely about keeping him now. Especially if y'all think he might be out of some squirrel stock dog breed.


Hard to tell by the picture, but he surely looks like a Mt. cur. Thus squirrel dog. I wouldn't do much pistol shooting like that tho. .22 revolvers are really loud and you can make a dog gun shy pretty quick if you don't use your head. He is a fine looking pup, good luck with him.

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cur maybe?

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Being any breed certainly does not make him a squirrel dog. That only comes with a lot of woods time with a pup that has got what it takes

That looks like a pup that will never be a squirrel dog unless you take it and spend some time in the woods with it. Even then it might not make a squirrel dog.