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My trophy deer is not all that impressive to look at. It was back in Dec of 2014 when I killed him. In July of that year I’d been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of leukemia called T-cell ALL. I’d been making trips to Emory about every 21 days for my chemo. I’d stay in the hospital for 4 days taking chemo pretty much around the clock. My blood counts would crash, recover, and then it was time to do it again. By Dec I was having to have blood and platelets transfusions because my body couldn’t keep up. I was very short of breath, couldn’t walk very far, and bruised very easily, but I wanted to go hunting. I would always have a few good days before having to go back to Emory, when I actually felt halfway normal. I got my old .243 I’d used as a kid because I knew it wouldn’t kick very hard. I’d drive my truck out to a clump of bushes in the middle of a field and would park. It made a pretty good blind. Right before dark every evening a bunch of does would come out. It wasn’t “real” hunting, but I was determined that cancer wouldn’t rob me of everything I enjoyed. Finally one evening the does came out, and this little buck came out chasing them. I though “I know he’s not real big, but how many people taking the treatments I am get this opportunity?” I shot and he ran out of the field and into some set out pines. I walked over to where he went out and found blood. I was hassling for air and felt a little dizzy, but tracked him a little ways in the woods and found him. I called my dad and he came and drug him out and loaded him. My wife put the horns into a wreath that we use around Christmas. Serves as a reminder of where we have been, and where God has brought us. February will be two years since I had any type of chemo, and I’m still cancer free. What’s your trophy deer? 40A40536-ECE2-4B64-8768-93E7871B8C58.jpeg


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I would bet that every time you see that wreath with his horns you are beaming with pride. I'd say that makes a trophy that's most impressive to look at. Congrats on the hunt and for having the wherewithal to keep doing what you love so much even though you were felling so bad. You set a fine example for others going through painful circumstances. My hat's off to you sir!


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God bless you brother........Great Deer!


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First, congrats on kicking cancers A double S. Great deer, better story. My favorite trophy isn't even mine, nor is it a deer. I hope you don't mind me posting it but it is similar to your trophy. My Mom was going through chemo in 2001. After a treatment she would be sick for about 2 days. She still would go turkey hunting. She would have to lay down sometimes, and other times have to stand up to throw up. But cancer wasn't strong enough to keep her from doing something she loves. And I'm happy and grateful to say 17 years later and she's still cancer free and killing turkeys.