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with lodging for 4 in November 425 acres (Macoupin County)...no lodging available in December but Carlinville has a nice hotel that is inexpensive. We only bow hunt the property and will be leaving the week before in November and we have the house for the entire month of November. You can arrive to the house a day or two earlier to set stands etc as well. I can also show you good spots on the farm to key in on. The aerial is below. The house is a short cart ride to the farm.

This is a working cattle farm on part of the property. The owner keeps the left side open for hay but the east side will have cows on different parts at times. The farmer has plans to cross fence the heavy timber block to the east to keep it unoccupied as well from the cows although the cows rarely enter this block as it is a hard horseshoe ridge with nothing to feed on (this is where we saw the 7 pt that we let pass and another 160 inch plus buck that winded a buddy). The cows tend to migrate on the southeast side since the owner usually feeds up there.

The land to the north is hunted hard during the gun weekend and those guys will push deer south as Macoupin Creek acts as a buffer. I have attached trail cam pics of bucks from 2016 that we had on trail cam and some we let go with the bow. There are also pics of deer that were killed last year in the area. We had trail cam pics of the big buck with the gun hunter in the pic as you can see and saw him a few times with does while we were bow hunting but the 15 year old was fortunate enough to harvest him nearby during the gun weekend. I am guessing he was 160 plus. The front part of the farm should have a mixture of beans and corn as well.

This is perfect for a group of 4 at $800 a piece. Once again this includes lodging in November and the house is equipped with a washer/dryer/microwave etc. Everything you could ask for in a hunting cabin. We would like for the deer to be at least 4.5 years old and 140 plus. For example the deer in the bottom pic was 141.5 and that is the smallest buck we have ever taken up there. He was a bully and was probably 5.5 years old. PM me or NUTT if you have any questions.


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Jim Boyd

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Insanely GREAT deal for someone.

I had a farm a few years ago about 5 miles from this one that gave up a 187" during shotgun.

Great offering!
Interested as well.

I am interested as well and would like to get additional info if possible (over the counter or draw?). Might could team up with Rem and get a couple more.


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Its a draw but 99.9% guarantee. I've never known anyone to not get drawn for gun season in Macoupin. First season gun tag is good for second season as well.
House is very accommodating and really close to property. Thanks Randy for posting this!

Jim Boyd

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If I was a shotgun hunter, I would just send Randy the $3200, grab two buddies that I knew I could get along with and pay the $1100 or so each and plan to go.

Someone WILL knock down a whopper.

I can hear it now....."man, why did I screw around and not lock this down when I had a chance?????"

Gun hunts in this area run high $$$$$

Jim Boyd

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Agreed, Flats.

I gave it 15 minutes, tops.....