When You Realize Your More Than Half Way Done.


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I head back to Newnan tonight for the last treatment. It has been a roller coaster of a ride. Some days you wonder if it was the right choice, and some days you are OK with it. I guess it depends on your thought process on that day and how much pain you are going thru. All I can tell you guys for sure it I am glad to be coming to the end of this road and looking forward to a little rest and relaxation.

To top it all off, while I have been going thru the chemo treatments, we have had a multitude of family and friends pass away. It makes me realize just how precious life really is, and how fleeting it can be also. My Uncle passed away from lung cancer, my daughter's high school running coach passed away. We were pretty close. I traveled with him for 4 years while my daughter was running x-country. My close friend and care pastor passed away, my ex-sister in law passed away last week, and my cousin passed away on Tuesday of this week.

There are so many memories tied up with these people, and a bunch of regrets too. Don't miss a chance to love on the people close to you, and spend time with them. After all, the things you value are the things you spend time with.

God bless
Glad to hear the harsh treatments are almost over, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is at our lowest times that we allow God to be God. We let go and He takes over. That is why He came for us anyway is to be a Father to us and carry us through our trials afflictions and distresses. He is our Rock and our Fortress, and our strong Defense, He is our Shield and our Buckler, and He delights when we run to Him and say Abba, Father. Literally meaning Daddy! He is the refiners fire and the fullers soap, look to Him and be radiant unashamed. The Lord bless you in this last treatment and cover you under the shadow of His wing!
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these deaths that are close to our family is getting crazy. Last week my ex sister in law passed away. She was a main line drug user, so it wasn't unexpected that some day soon she would pass away. She got an infection from having her shack up boyfriend inject drugs behind her knee. All the arteries in her arms and legs had collapsed and that was the only place she could inject, and she couldn't reach it. Anyway, the infection destroyed a valve in her heart, and she passed away. Her youngest son had to take on the responsibility of burying his mom, and arranging for his older brother to be transferred from Coweta prison to the funeral. He had to pay the deputy's pay and mileage both ways so his sorry thiefing brother could be at his mom's funeral.
This is a great example of how illegal drug use affects the innocent.

Then Wednesday evening my cousin Tim Lewis passed away. He had been in bad health, and in the hospital for the pass 2 weeks. His kidneys shutdown and they had him on 24 hour dialysis, but it wasn't working. He passed away within 2 hours of pulling the machines. God bless. His funeral was today. I couldn't be there because of getting the chemo today. There is only one brother left on that branch of the family, out of 5 brothers.

The Bible says it is appointed to man once to die, and after this, the judgement. All this death reminds me of just how fragile that human life is. Guys, it pays to make sure you are right with God. Death is not a respecter of plans, dates or times. When it comes, you will go. Please make sure you are right with God.

As my Granny always asked me when I was ready to leave her house after a visit....

'Son, are you living right?'