A First for me.


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You are very fortunate. As I am. I haven't been bitten I have been tail slapped from stepping on them and been bitten at. That bite could have been much worse. Glad to hear you are doing well. And totally agree about the hesitancy to go back in the woods. I use to sleep on the ground in a south side facing ravine between morning and evening hunts, the same ravine I had three run ins with rattlers. o_O
Dang....I don't know how I missed this till now. It's a great reminder for all to see this. I'm getting a new pair of snake boots this season. Not trusting my 4 year old boots another season. I'm glad your ok.
Thanks Milkman that's good to know. I wonder why Washington EMS said i had to go to Augusta? They might have some ties with them i guess. That would have been so much closer for me and my and a much closer drive for my wife on that Saturday morning.
That's just where they are used to taking folks who get bit. I had to go to Aiken once. Who'd you ride with in the ambulance? By chance a red-headed gal or a bald headed dude with a beard?
Coming from Washington you would have rode right past university mcduffie to get to I-20 headed to Augusta. Maybe I’m not as close to antivenin as I thought.


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We are at the corner of highway 22 and highway 44 four way stop sign. about a mile of highway 44 going back toward Washington. Land owner says he sees them all the time. I have been there 9 years and this was the first one i have seen, and hope the last.
My place we hunt is about 2 miles in front of Griffins store, we see a few of them , good info and glad your doing better