A Sunday Mixed Bag


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I was already in the area for a family reunion so I drove over to a WNC creek where I haven't been in probably 25 years or so. It's nothing personal it's just that I drive past several other creeks on the way that are hard to beat and I just haven't taken the time. As I made my way up the FS road I took note that there were campers in most every spot and thought the creek had to have been fished hard over the weekend. I pulled out of the road and strung up my fly rod and tied on one of my favorite dry flies for the rough and tumble pocket water found in the mountains and started working my way upstream.

For the next few hours I caught a mixed bag of stocked Rainbow, Brook, and Brown Trout and plenty of wild Rainbows and several wild Browns.

I never made it to the upper reaches to catch a Speck or two as I had intended but honestly I didn't much care. This trip brought back memories of my youth when my grandfather and I would visit this creek often and I was reminded what a splendid creek it is.
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Doesn't get much better than that, brother! I've never fished that one, but have fished all around it.