Altamaha River - You Should Have Been There


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As I stated in my last post I went to the river this morning. I really didn't want to go, I was really hurting from yesterday afternoon, but my cousin Gabby called and wanted to go, so we went. I fish in my boat and he in his. I know this doesn't sound right, but fishing in the river and swamp someone is always hung up, or line broke making fishing together a chore. Therefore it is easier on the nerves to fish in out own boats.

Well I had not over yesterday, my back was killing me, so I didn't really care if I caught anything or not. We put in and I started fishing for shellcrackers in the lake and Gabby headed out to the mouth of the lake, his favorite spot.

I caught 2 nice shellcrackers then I hooked a Big Mud fish and the fight was on. I hate catching mud fish but they are real fighters and after a couple of minutes I had him in the boat, my cats will eat good tonight. Ater the mud fish I headed to the river.

Gabby was fishing his spot at the mouth and I went on up to the gator slide and tied off to a willow. I put out to lines as I did yesterday and weighted to the fish. After about 15 minutes I had my first bite a nice bream. Gabby came by about 30 minutes later and said the fish had stopped biting at the mouth and he was going to head up river.

After anouth 15 minutes and no bites I headed up river too. Above the gator slide the channel runs along a long clay bank and the water is 8 to 10 ft. deep there. I have caught a good many fish there over the years so I picked a spot and tied off. Dropped 2 lines beside the boat and within 5 minutes I had 2 nice bream in the boat. I picked up another bream and I moved farther up the bank. I fished 3 more spots on the clay bank and picked up 2 to 3 fish at each stop.

Gabby had found him a spot out of the sun where a tree hanged out over the river. He tied up to a tree limb and was fishing two lines out behind the boat. When I pulled up to him he was smiling big time. I ask if he had caught anything and he said he had a cooler full. It was 12 noon and I was give out so I ask if he was ready to head in, I could tell he wanted to keep fishing, but he said we go but are you planning on coming tomorrow?

After we loaded up I ask to see his fish, I didn't expect he really had a cooler full, but I was nearly wrong. He opened the cooler and there were 4 big channel cats that would easily go 3 to 4 lb. each and 2 big blue cats that were in the 4 to 5 lb. size. He also had about 20 bream and a dozen small channel cats. He said he had enough for a fish fry. I told him that sounded good for Saturday Night.

For all of ya'll that couldn't make it, we thought about you. We're going back Friday morning.