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I have a question about the rule for atvs on maintained roads on wmas. I was reading that it was allowed on the maintained roads as long as you didn't have a loaded weapon and can't use a weapon within 50 yds of the road. I have a couple of squirrel dogs who will road hunt along side an atv. I didn't say anything in the rule book about an atv having to be registered with the state.... Wouldn't know how to even go about it. I'm sure if you did register it there would be some sort of tax involved like a boat. But a warden told me (he sounded wishy washy and not clear on the subject) that an atv has to be registered with the state to be able to do this. Makes no sense to me. I have several friends and relatives who do this on S. GA WMAS and have never had a problem. Any insight?


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I've been told by someone recently that you cannot ride them on WMA roads because Georgia doesn't allow ATVs to be registered as a vehicle or anything official with DOT and therefore not allowed on state roads of any kind. This conversation was on a WMA road as I was about to go riding around on my SXS, a nice older gentleman asked me if I knew something he didn't and explained what I said above. He also said the local gamewarden was likely at church so I had a couple hours to ride but it is an expensive fine if caught. I was surprised at first but then again you never see them on WMA's so now I know why. I really hope someone chimes in and says I am wrong or provides positive insight. My experience was on a mountain WMA in N GA, it would have been fun riding and would really like to see it allowed.


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Unless the law has changed, that nice older gentleman was exactly right.
What it is is wild life management. All wildlife from bald eagles to the super rare salamander that was rediscovered here lately. If everyone was allowed on the atvs the aquatic animals would suffer the most from folks riding up and down the streams and marshes. Not to mention the cost of having to recover an ATV accident way out...its just a bad idea.
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It has to have a tag. Your friends and relatives have just been lucky I guess. $100 ticket
Is that just common knowledge that people are supposed to know or is it actually in the rules somewhere that I can't find? It expressly says in the rules that you can use an atv on maintained roads but nowhere I have seen does it say anything about being registered. And how does one go about registering one of that's the case?


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I've had several hunts busted on Paulding forest because of atv riders. I don't think they knew I was there. They weren't hunters, just joy riders. Didn't call game wardens, I usually don't have good phone service out there. It's clearly marked no atvs too.
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I honestly don't care for the most part. Wouldn't want one for my own personal use. But my dad had hip replacement surgery a little bit ago and can't walk as much as needed right now to follow the dogs. But he likes to go. So that's the main reason for me asking was to possibly open up one more place I could take him
One atv to yourself on a wma sounds like a good idea but let everybody and their brother do it and the place would be like Durham town on a Saturday.

If you can get it tagged and insurance for a public road then you can use it only on public roads.
Problem is they won’t tag a atv for public roads in Ga.
They may tag some 40mph golf carts though.
Hadn’t thought about it in years.
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After all...the state wants theirs too...
True that. Would probably open up a hornets nest. I have an older uncle in South ga who hunts off a golf cart with dogs. On several wmas. Hes about 75 and that's the only way he hunts. I'm sure the wardens probably don't say much about it since he can't walk behind the dogs like he used to
ATV's are restricted on WMA's unless otherwise noted..Registration is required to drive on public roads. As far as I know, ATV"s are not generally allowed on public roads unless used for a farming purpose. So I would say you are out of luck like all the other hunters.


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You can get special permission to drive a vehicle or ATV onto restricted areas if you have a disability.

I am not aware of other allowances.
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It's fully allowed as long as the atv is registered a as long as not restricted by the particular wma
It's fully allowed as long as the atv is registered a as long as not restricted by the particular wma
The only reason to register a vehicle is to drive it on public roads, and ATV's are not allowed on public roads. At least that is my understanding.