Awesome first deer


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My first deer was a 70lb spike that I shot while hunting with my dad more than 30 years ago. I've told the story many times, about how I snapped on him the first time I pulled the trigger because I had failed to slide the safety off on my Marlin 336.

Now my son has his own first deer story. He and I have had some very close calls but had never sealed the deal until this morning. Hunting out of a blind, every deer we encountered this morning knew we were there. Every deer but one.

I spotted the buck slipping in and whispered for my son to slowly stand up and get on the crossbow. Once he spotted the deer, I told him to wait for a clear shot and take it. Calm as a cucumber, he drilled it at 20 yards.

I had never seen this deer. Really cool double main beam buck. Much larger than my first!



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Heck yeah! Congrats to him and good job on your part Dad.


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Congrats and soak it up! My son shot his first last year and it sparked the fever. He will think about Dad and that deer all his life.