Coyote call and turkeys

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Had some turkeys in the food plot yesterday when I set up to call some coyotes. Thought I’d scare them off with a serenade. They couldn’t care less.

Did had a yote come in later. Couldn’t get a shot but it was a great first sit in a stand. 4 young gobblers, 1 spike , and one coyote seen
I had something similar one time. I had a cheap E caller that remote range was 40-50 yards. I set up on a gas line in a deer box blind. Playing that call as loud as it would go...I had a hen walk between me and the call. Not a worry in the world. Right before dark I had 4-6 deer come out 175 yards below it on the gas line. They looked at the direction, but went to feeding. Never could figure that one out. Nice video.
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I figured they’d panic and run at the sound of a coyote. I played several different sounds like a challenge bark, pup distress, etc. nothing really bothered them. They would always look but I guess if their eyes don’t confirm a threat they don’t really care.