Did you shoot anything today ?


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I had a good day, got everything I want done. Started by going to town to pay bills and to early vote. Didn't make the vote, at 9 a.m. I counted 79 people in line, went back and hour later and the line was a full city block lone, I'll go t omorrow.

Now back to the house load the truck and head to gun club. Today I am preparing for shooting deer and finishing up siting in my 6 mm Rem sniper rifle. Along with the Sniper I carried my new deer rifle, Howa 308 and new truck rifle Savage 11 in 223. I put a Bushnell Engage 6 X 24 X 50 on the Sniper and got it on the paper Sunday, but I ran out of bullets so I had to load more and try to finish up. I finished it today and let me tell you, the rifle shoots better than I do. It will put 3 shots in the same hole.

The Howa I have sited in and I just wanted to make sure it was still on, and it was. For what they cost Howa rifles are really good. The one I have is a combo model that came with a Vortex scope. I didn't expect it to shoot very well. Let me tell you it shoots good, 3 shots make a perfect clover leaf at 100 yds.

Now the Savage is a good little rifle. I have plenty of 223 brass, and bullets are cheap and it doesn't use a lot of powder. Anyway I have gotten it pretty well on target if I can just decide which bullet I want to use, 55 - 60 - 65 grain. Today I shoot 55 grain Sierra BlitzKings over MR 2520. Two shots would touch and the third I would pull off. I shot this three times, the first two shots would touch and the third I would pull off. Well there is tomorrow.

Back home I got out my T/C 44 mag. for a few shots. I plan on hunting with it some this year so I thought i better check it out. I haven't shot the think in over 10 years.. The ammo I shot today is dated Feb. 20, 2001 Let me tell you it still works and works good. I won me a steak dinner with the first shot. The load is a full load of Win. 296 with Hornady 240 XTP. I shot all 50 rounds, yes my fingers, hand and wriest and elbow hurts, but its a good hurt. Time to load um back up.

Well takes my day of shooting. 6 mm - 12 rds., 308 - 10 rds., 223 - 20 rds., 44 mag. - 50 rds.
Shot a 3 shot group of 7/08 to make sure it was sighted in for deer season- it was.
Shot 3-3 shot groups with the ar-15 to see how it groups a new round- not completely satisfied. Best I can get this rifle to group with store bought milspec ammo so far is about 3” at 100 yards
This morning I shot my buddys 7mm-08's two different rifles and a 308 of his that was mine and we traded guns. Their all still good from last year as we suspected.

I'm shooting my 7mm-08 and 243 this week sometime to just reconfirm zero. I also have a 30-30 and 30-06 I need to check. I believe the 30-06 is off because I shot a pig with it a while back and hit high and back from where I was aiming. We shall find out soon.

I'm really interested in a 350 legend for the kids for some reason, really been eyeballing another encore frame and legion barrel or a Ruger American.
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On vacation and I brought a rifle along. Electronic scoring at 600 yards. My best score for 5 shots was 50-4x.
Great plan right there.

Looks like perfect weather for the fun.
Shot my somewhat new to me 460XVR at 25-30 yards today to try to get it sighted in with iron sites. Was shooting 10” high, got it down to about 4” high and the rear sight is bottomed out. Guess I will just have to hold low until I get a scope mounted on it


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Yesterday I went to the range and sighted in the Cooper .22, Steyr-Mannlicher .30-06, Winchester 71 .348 and Shiloh .50-90. Also shot the Wilson EDC-X9 9mm (love that gun). Had a great day!
Sporting clays today!

Did surprisingly well, considering...
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Yesterday I went to the range and sighted in the Cooper .22, Steyr-Mannlicher .30-06, Winchester 71 .348 and Shiloh .50-90. Also shot the Wilson EDC-X9 9mm (love that gun). Had a great day!

Fun times.

Super looking gun. Looks like you handle the pain purty good....knowing it had to thump nicely.


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That was some quick shooting just so I could shoot the gun. I am going to try some heavier bullets and get down to some serious load work and really see what it will do. I got the new front sight today to put on it and get her dialed in. It kicked less than I was anticipating when I started. The .348 on the other hand beat the crap out of me, it is not a bench gun!
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Not today but I shot all day yesterday!
Georgia State IDPA Championship!
I did pretty good for a fat old man. 138 out of 233 overall and 3rd in my division. No trophy as there were only enough shooters to award 1st and 2nd place but still a long,hard,hot fun day!

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