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get your address updated on your drivers license.....seen this before. Address on your permit doesn't matter, as long as its Ga.

I'd shop somewhere else if they are calling in background checks on someone with a carry permit
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In SC you have 10 days to update the address on your DL. It saves everyone a lot of time and hassle . A lot of people don't for different reasons, often to be elusive. That causes people a problem when it's a honest mistake. Hope you get it straightened out. Don't they have to give you a reason for the denial ?


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I was denied once after I moved from Brunswick to Sparta. My Firearms license had my old address and my Drivers license had the new address. It caused problems.
Back in November I purchased a suppressor in Gainesville, there I only showed my GWL and everything was good to go.

This week I went to pick up a Tikka 22lr I had ordered in S.C. and there they had to do the check as I'm from out of state. I did not/will not give them my SS number as it's not a requirement. Well it was not a surprise that it was delayed. The next day I got a call saying to come git it, no problem. I figured with the shutdown it might take a while but evidently not.
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The gun store provided me with a bi-fold
with a bunch of things like case number
and a bunch of web site addresses, etc.

Looked like a Chinese newspaper to me
so my check out girl got the owner and
a few more employees together, let me
behind the counter and filled out the stuff
for me. We also checked the box to have
the reason hard copy sent to my house
via USPS. They wont tell you on the phone.

I'll give it a few days and see what they
say and take it from there.

I'm 100% sure it has something to
do with the address changes during all my surgeries.

I know it's not anything criminal on
my part. I'm not even mad. I WANT
them to do their job keeping non-
qualified people from obtaining

It will work out. I'm not worried about it.


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I’ve had same issue, address didn’t then ID, I got denied till I got a new DMV issued license.


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I have never had a background check done on a firearm purchase since I got my GWL well over 20 years ago. Pretty sure Georgia law tells them not to do it.

The GWL does not have to have the correct address, but your DL does. I had a Probate judge explain this to me on renewal one year. Maybe they ran it because your DL wasn't current. I think if you do not have a current ID with your current address, they are not suppose to sell you a firearm.

By the way, you can update your address on the DL online and they can mail it to you.



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A long shot here, but with the high tech world we live in and the scum that walk the earth, has your identity been stolen or compromised?
This ... you need to run a background/credit check on yourself post haste