Holidays are over-Get back to work Driveler #266.....

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Daggum, I should've loaded up and rode down there I reckon.

I see Keebs made it :rockon: recognize a couple of the others, but not names.

And without further ado, Colbert. :clap:
I have the same feeling of 'should of gone'


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Ya'll better keep a eyeball on that feller behind Keebs with dat mexico lookin hat on. Ain no tellin what kinda trouble he'll get ya mixed up in:stir:

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Reckon I'll go put this dresser together for daughter, procrastinated long enough. facepalm:
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Dang, I believe Nuge and olred done put on a few lbs since last time I've seen'em.

Of course, that's done been about 9 years ago I reckon.
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Daggum dresser is like putting a Chinese jigsaw puzzle together. :banginghe
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