That's a cool one. When I was a kid we would always look for the green/blue and clear ones that screwed down on the wooden pegs. Thought we were gonna get rich.... Seems like the suckers are everywhere.....
Tom, my brother and I took a serious whipping for shooting some of those off the only power line that ran to the back of the farm.
That power line ran all the well pumps, and the lights in the barn at the back of the farm. 2.5 miles from the county road.
I still maintain I didn't do it, but caught it for not stopping my kid brother.

greg j

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There used to be quite a market for those among collectors in the 70's and 80's, don't know if they are still collectable or not.


Swampbunny 🐇
Never have seen one like that, very cool.


Swampbunny 🐇
I had one of these that went in a hole in a stud. They make good knife sharpeners;
I have a few of the ones 2nd from the left somewhere. Found them along a old abandoned railroad bed in SC.