Lanier Crappie 2-16-19

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We hit the lake again today after morning rain move out. we went the same spot last week and the fish seem be
stage up and never left the area. The water temperature was 51 degree and the bit was great, we fish about 4 hours and
caught over 80 fish and we took 60 home.


Wow, what a haul! Jealous!

Hope I can get on some like that! I've been sidelined with a cast on my left ankle (can't push a clutch), and hatin' it. So I sold my manual-shift Tacoma today, and will be getting a new boat-puller in a couple days - with an automatic trans.


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Great trip and some really good fish right there! Something's wrong with your Lowrance though, it's not showing the Lat - Lon coordinates!!