Need a knife sheath

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I picked up this camillus Skinner in trade, it came with a junk sheath. Can someone either point me to a good leather Craftsman or a place I can buy a kit or premade sheath. I would like a sheath that could be carried every day and is secure KIMG0181.JPG
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Thanks ..... I haven't even sharpened it yet, it needs it bad, I am hoping it will take a good edge and keep it. It will be every day carry, maybe on my laptop pack or my
If you have trouble try lanski sharpeners to stay on angle. I’d imagine that’s a tough one to get perfected by hand.
I’d love to have it. Congratulations.

Anvil Head

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I'd offer to make one, but the Blade Show is closing in fast and I'm completely covered up between now and June between orders and prep. If you can wait until after the show - June 7th - 9th, we can discuss accommodating your needs.

There are several other leather workers here that might could help you much sooner.
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Thanks AH, if no one else steps up we will get together!!!!!
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I am in the far north east corner of Bama. Right outside of Chattanooga. I am looking for a leather sheath that will keep the knife secure for hunting and every day carry if needed. Nothing fancy.

Capt Quirk

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I like doing fancy, but I can give you something nice, yet affordable. Made from the richest Corinthian leather... Sorry, Chrysler flash back. Shoot me a pm if interested.
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Well now I am excited! I just got a text from Capt that I will have my knife and sheath one day this week !!! He sent me a picture but I will wait till I get it and take another and post it then!!
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A big shout out to Capt. Quirk it's perfect and exactly what I was looking for!!!!! Thanks brother I appreciate the sheath and time you took with me to get what I wanted!!