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This pair of pliers and me have a unique history. Years ago I caught a 36” redfish off the gulf coast of Florida. After a monumental battle, I finally landed the brut. As I reached for the fish, it shook its head and embedded the fish hook thru my index finger. Thankfully the point came through and because of the side cutters on the pliers I was able to cut the hook and pull it through. I don’t go fishing without these pliers anymore. Fast forward now, the old nylon sheath they came with was worn and tattered. I reached out to pdsniper to make a new sheath out of leather for me. He obliged with this wonderfully made, exceptionally priced and very expedited new leather sheath. To say I am very pleased is an understatement. I recommend him wholeheartedly for any holsters or sheath needs you may have. Thanks again pd, I look forward to many more years of use. CE050E1A-1761-4662-B955-7882908A380E.jpeg 6071887B-4542-44FF-AB2F-31D8F1523F5E.jpeg

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Sounds like that Bull got his horns in you. They can be a handfull. Nice sheath and good safety story, being prepared always improves chances of good outcome.
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They are browning pliers, bought them from Bass Pro Shops years ago. If you are in need of a pair of fishing pliers I would make sure the cutters are on the outside like these. I have another pair with the cutters on the inside, if I’d of had them that day I’m not sure I could have cut that hook in that situation. Just food for thought.