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You've had one heck of a season!! Congratulations! Trying my best. I've got one I'm playing tag with. Gonna be tough but I'm gonna hit the woods hard and try to seal the deal.
Thursday got close on a bird, but he was a runner. Gobble and haul butt a few hundred yards and gobble some more. Then haul but again. Fri morn he was roosted right by road and I got him within 40 yards after fly down, almost got to shoot but then had a a truck drive down gravel road and he shut up and left. This morning it was windy and I never heard anything.
all quiet in my neck of the woods trying to help some buddys get them one . fish were biting good on the creek an the shellcracker are on bed at lake seminole
set down he gobbled three times 6:15 about 150 yards away 45 minutes later hear hen cutting i cut back shes in my lap 15 yards no long beard he stayed back and both flew up and roosted about 100 yards