War Between the States

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Another from the archives. What U.S. Army general that was a son of a Confederate Army general was killed in 1945 in the Pacific war?
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What Confederate cavalry general was taxed with invading Pennsylvania and ransoming Chambersburg in the summer of 1864?
To answer a couple of the above questions:
1.No clue who stumped for separation of C & S.
2. Wolffred surrendered at Kingston on May 12th; Buckner surrendered offically on June 2nd; Stain Waite surrendered June 23rd
3. There was a bayonet charge at Chickamauga - don't know if at night.
Grant when running for Prez in 1875.

Picketts Mill in Paulding County, a few thousand yanks were trapped in a ravine at dark. The rebs heard their canteens rattling as they tried to slink away in the dark for their lines. Angry Rebs, who earlier read in newspapers the Union press said they were demoralized, and led by Gen Hiram Granbury of Tx, organized a bayonet charge on the yanks with devastating results. Hiram later died a hero charging the works at Franklin in Hoods poorly planned and poorly executed assault. Idjit gave the ok to attack more cannon than the Yankees had at Gettysburg and literally over ground twice as far as the Gettysburg attack. How did he expect that to work?

Think Cherokee Indian and CSA Gen Stand Waite surrendered out West. Forgot he was the last of the last.
I stopped by the Jackson Shrine (place where he passed) a few months ago. Had a conversation with a Park Ranger who was interested in talking. They are not covered up with visitors there. He asked what outfits my family members were in. I told him an he told me a story I did not know.

He asked if I remembered the story about Lee at the Wilderness trying to lead the Texas boys into the center where Hill was holding on only with a battery of artillery. Lee responded Hurray for Texas! The Texas boys always move them!
Well, he said, Woffard was the next line behind the Texans and Lee said the same thing to them a few minutes later. My G-Uncle who was there with the 16th Ga said that as they approached the contested area orders were given to Hill's disorganized men to lie on the ground and Woffard's men charged right over them.


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I had a whole passel of kinfolk in the 24th. All the Jackson’s from the White/Habersham area are mine. Pvt. EC Jackson Co C was my G grandpa. My Mama’s grandpa.
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