Where’s the hog doggers?


Most people who hunt with dogs dont post online because they dont want a bunch of idiots chirping at them for their dogs running onto posted property.

Ironically, the same people who complain about people hunting hogs with dogs are the same people who complain about the hog population being too high and dont want anyone on their land. lol
or complain about coons in their corn ans want them removed in June after watching them all Coon hunting and trapping season
But Muh big old buck
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Boy I really wished I had got in that game….back when I was a little younger and a lot more limber. Fine looking hogs. (y)
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Good job stonecreek , I use to really enjoy your videos before you gave it up ! What bread is the little dog that you are holding in most of the pictures ? That little joker looks like it was getting with it . Covered in mud every picture !


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I remember back years ago this forum was "THE ONE".. very good. but over the years it has dwindle down. I just sit back and check in every now then. Still hunting hard. Just a lot older, slower. fatter. lol
I think I have a couple new Ugly Dog collars...want me to send them to you? Might even have a couple of Marshall collars and a Quictrack layin around somewhere

I miss it...fun times
made me think about those old Jesters BBQ threads and the Dunkin Booth
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Good hogs everyone I don’t carry phone in woods and haven’t caught any big 1s lately been catching nothin but small 1s and thanks to all that tried to help me find clubs to run the last couple months I got hooked up with a farmer and been workin the dogs few nights a week
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I had ok fancy that mr Ronnie raised lot of pups off . She was good dog one of those red dogs look to be one of her last pups that was sent up your way .
No he is not. We both shook hands on last hunt and walked away. Health issues slowed him down also. Just talked to him today. He raised a pile of Rhodesian Ridgbacks for a couple years and just sold out on that a couple months ago. He follows them grandkids now. And we ** about what great hog doggers we once was! Ronnie rates high with me on his overall knowledge of dogging.