Would anyone be interested in a "Woody's Cookbook"?

So how long we going to have to talk about this thing to get it off the ground? I got a few recipes I would like to put in the pot, pun intended. I dont know about everyone else but I would like to get a copy of some of the things I have seen cooked on here...


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looks like about 5 years haha im def. in!! i catch my self printin them out all the time.... i took one off here thats now a family hit at christmas! the apple dummplings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with some icecream on top


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I would buy one if'n it help my yankee wife learn how to cook collards.


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Send Keebs a PM; she is in charge of this :cool:
:fine: I got my March orders done! Now it's your turn hdmo3, elfiii said if you didn't come through, he'd let me walk by the red button without him looking!:fine::rofl:

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If you wish really hard, go through all the posts, print out each one with a recipe, then put them in a binder you'll have one.

Sadly they don't exist...no book was ever made.
Oh....... but they do. My hubby has one. It's even got Hornet22 on the front. :fine:
I'm not sure what the title would be, "Recipes from the Campfire" or something along that line, but here is my idea.

I'm wanting to compile a lot of favorite recipes and organize them into a book, and sell them for what they cost me.

My aunt done this with the local church... in hopes of raising money for a family. I'll be doing this at cost, or a buck or two higher to cover my troubles of compiling, shipping, etc...

What we'd do is, put all the recipes into one thread. You'd need to type them out, neat as possible, so that I could copy them into a text format and print them out, and then mail them to the cook book company so they can put them into a book.

Sections would include something to the effect of "Main Course", "Wild Game", "Stews/Soups", "Side Dishes", "Desserts" and "Miscellaneous"... for like appetizers, etc...

I need to know how many people are open for such before I send off for the info, price, format it needs to be in, etc...

I'm not sure what the cookbooks would go for, but the ones my aunt done for the church were $25 and there are a ton of down home recipes in there and it's neatly done, in a hardback, bound book, that's easy to read.

Let me know, and if we have enough responses, we'll go for it, if not... :huh:

Also, add any ideas you have to help out, I'm open to suggestions. I just thought it would be neat to have a good "go to" guide for all the recipes on this forum.
Great Idea!!!! I would buy...