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when will new regulationgs for next year come out
Season start dates are as follows:

Archery - second Saturday in September

Primitive weapons - first Saturday after October 8th

Firearms - first Saturday after October 15th

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A total of eight (8) public meetings are scheduled to provide the public an opportunity to submit input for consideration in the development of hunting regulations for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 hunting seasons. The department sets hunting regulations on a 2-year cycle. The next 2-year cycle begins in January 2013 and is initiated with the holding of these public meetings. The purpose of hunting regulations is to manage Georgia’s game birds and game animals according to sound principles of wildlife management and to meet public objectives for use of these renewable natural resources. Changes to existing regulations may include the need to adopt hunting regulations for the next two years, reflect statutory changes, eliminate unnecessary regulations, modify either-sex days to manage white-tailed deer, set seasons for rails and woodcock, regulate hunting and other activities on wildlife management areas (WMAs), federal areas and other state lands, and changes to firing range rules. Interested person unable to attend these public meetings may submit input for consideraiton by mail, telephone or electronically. The deadline for submitting input is January 18, 2013.
Perhaps we need to lean hard on the coop ext service in Athens to change their recommendation which is used as state law regarding planting wheat INCLUDING allowing top-seeding, for GA dove fields. We shouldnt need to wait one or two more years at best to try to get this regulation changed. Seems like the good ol state of GA and others jus want to pass the buck to another agency in this law. Besides, it looks like they think they can put doves....in the bank. The outside estimate of a surviving young dove's life averages about 13 months. Presently it looks like only about 10% of the American mourning dove population is harvested by hunters. It took 70 years to raise the daily limit from 12 to 15. If not raising the limit, at least change the planting regulations so there will be a better chance of attracting birds for those who want to hunt.


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End of July or beginning of August the new regulations will be published/posted. All regulations for next season have been passed at this time. Season dates for 2013 have already been released as others have already stated.
when will new regulations for next year come out
Looks like they have not been posted on the web yet, but they committed to posting the hunting info by the end of July. There's lots of folks asking about this on the forum.


Hunting Regulations

2013-2014 Hunting Seasons & Regulations Guide (available in late July)

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Download a copy of the 2013-2014 Hunting Seasons & Regulations Guide here in late July.(Adobe Reader required)


2013 - 2014 Hunting Season Dates

This is a one-page PDF (Adobe Reader required) of the current statewide hunting season dates and bag limits.