Chattahoochee NF-No Antlerless Hunting

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35 Whelen

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Did anyone notice that in the proposed regulations there is no antlerless deer hunting east of I-75 during all seasons, archery, primitive weapons, and firearms for the next 2 seasons?

Chattahoochee National Forest - Outside of WMAs

Deer-East of I-75
Archery Buck Only Sep 14-Oct 11
Firearms Buck Only Oct 19-Dec 26
Primitive Weapons Buck Only Oct 12-Oct 18

Archery Buck Only Sep 12-Oct 9
Firearms Buck Only Oct 17-Dec 26
Primitive Weapons Buck Only Oct 10-Oct 16
Not surprising. I haven't shot a doe in over 10 years hoping to let the population come back where I hunt. It doesn't seem to help though when it sounds like a shooting range on the private property next door on the days they are allowed to shoot does.


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I shot two one day about 10 years ago. With the declining herd up there I’ve felt bad about that. Haven’t hunted much there since and that was mainly bear focused. I did see a couple doe the last time out,they didn’t know how safe they were!
I’ve been wondering why they haven’t done this a lot sooner.

Danny Leigh

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Most of the mountain WMA deer hunts are buck only as well. The Coopers Creek youth hunt is the only one I see that is either-sex.