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Windy in Mayretta. Had a brief shower blow through about 30 minutes ago with some easter egg-sized raindrops.


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A few BIG rain drops on the truck hood a little bit ago here in the 30127...won't be long now.


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Getting with it here in NW Georgia:
-Tornado watch until 2 PM (including Floyd County)
-Severe Thunderstorm Warning right now, including Cherokee, Etowah, County area in Alabama to our West.
-Now Severe Thunderstorm Warning Walker County NW GA and more.\
Walker County Severe Thunderstorm

Speaking of counties, watch this post from Spann, amazingly up to 85% of folks can't find their county on an outline only map. What do they teach these kids today? (It's a Twitter link, but you should be able to watch it regardless).
Fireside Chat, maps in weather emergencies

Here's ours:
floyd and barber.jpg
National weather svc moved the probability map more north last night . most of georgia now in the lower group ( yellow). Timing looks like now through early afternoon. Stay safe


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We moved our kids trampoline last week and I just remembered I haven't anchored it...:eek:
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There is a tornado warning in the Quitman county area.

⚡️⚡️And Another Warning⚡️⚡️
This place is not for the rough weather in these post. The rain just washed away some of these post.
Let’s keep it that way. OK 👌


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There will be a second line that develops around 5-7 PM tonight. If the sun comes out after this bout of rain goes by, that line could become severe. That's not in any NWS comments or graphics. LOL. However you can see it on the HRRR model and the NAM model.

The cell that is currently East of Griffin has some rotation in it, but not a tornado signature.



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Now a spotter has spotted a funnel cloud with that one that is East of Griffin. Headed towards Covington.
My weather radio hasn't gone off yet. Local mets saying it is 40 minutes away at present.