I need some help guys

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I have a cat that doesnt look like its even a years old take up at my house! it started hanging around so it got used to us and we started feeding it! When we get it to come to us we have noticed that it constantly slobers on its self! Is that bad or good???:huh:
i have a cat that does that but she is like 13 i would just go ask your vet and see what they say. or you could just let it be and see what happens. good luck.
We have a cat that does that when she is excited. Other than occasionally getting slimed by the cat, it's not really a big deal.

I'd talk to the vet.


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I also have a cat that slobbers everywhere when you pet it. I thought it was strange that she does it, but I'm glad to see other cats do the same thing.

Its kinda gross, you can walk up to her and start petting her and she'll shake her head and nail you with slobber.


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One of ours drooled and they told us it was allergic to some food, we were giving it dry and canned. We dropped the can problem solved.