Muzzleloader Rehab

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I have had a CVA Mag Hunter for almost the last 20 years that has been used very sparingly. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I severely neglected it in that time and it's seen better days. Evidently it did not get cleaned the last time it was shot (10+ years ago) and it's showing the abuse. The outside looks pretty good but the inside of the barrel, bolt and bolt chamber look pretty rough (rust)

Any suggestions on getting this thing cleaned up and ready for action again? I had to order a new breech plug wrench from Amazon and I'm almost scared to see what lies in the unseen sections of the barrel...
I went thru this same thing last year. Put it in gun safe after shooting, uncleaned. I tried several things, what worked was the correct size brass brush chucked in a drill and kroil. Worked it back and forth thru the barrel. Mine is the traditions buckstalker break action

Tom W.

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Kroil is the way to go. Stay away from WD-40, as it will turn hard and orange looking and be a female dog to clean up. RemOil is so much better.