New To Turkey Hunting

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I just bought a Stoeger M2000 and having a hard time finding a Turkey choke and shot that works in this gun. If anybody has any information that would help please let me know . I also have a friend that has the Stoeger M3500 that is having the same problem.:smash:
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Thanks I have have a good friend that has one of these chokes that I'm I gonna try out. Thank you for the info.


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Oh J you just need to sell that ole stoeger and buy you a 3.5" 10ga. :bounce:
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Lol I believe I will pass .


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Promos jelly head with some hevi 13 3" 2oz #7's. my m2000 loves this combo. I tried some supremes but just couldn't get a good pattern. Just me though.
My buddy has a M2000 and he has a Sumtoy with a 3" magblend.