Second deer ever!!!

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My second deer ever and my best deer to date. What a fun exciting and emotional day. Deer came in to the VS-1 stick that i rubbed on the tree about 10 yards in front of my blind. This fella walked up to it like he was on a string. Finally got a shot and he was actually too close for my scope setup. Made a shot that I thought was good but it was a little bit back apparently. He ran off...I waited about 20-30 minutes and we started to track him. Ended up finding good blood and followed him for about 100-150 yards and blood trail disappeared. Called the dog in and he found the deer in about 30-45 minutes of excitement and frustration.

First deer i've gotten on my new lease with my setups and my trail cams. I'm pretty jazzed up about him. 8 points with a cool drop tine.



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Nothing like it! Now go get another


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Yes sir!! Got it done, Congrats


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Way to go!
Congrats on a fine buck!! Now go get another one.