When you have to go #2 while hunting???

When you have to go #2 while hunting, what do you do?

  • Pinch up tight, hold for better times or until it is an emergency!

    Votes: 26 27.7%
  • Do like the bears do, I come prepared with paperwork!

    Votes: 68 72.3%

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Go. Be sure to keep your firearm within easy reach though!
I scratch out a hole in the dirt (the size of the whole is directly related to how long I waited before deciding that it wasn't going to keep until I got back to the truck) and do my thing! When done I cover it up like a cat and then spray some cover scent on it, then get back to work.


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Depends on how many chicken wings, sausages and steak I ate the night before. I also try to go at camp before I leave.

On a normal morning (didn't gluttonize myself the previous night), I have no problem making it back to camp for an afternoon session.

However, every once in a while, I have to go in the woods.

Either way, I always go prepared with some striking paper in my back pocket. I just try and make it couple hundred yards away from where I am hunting before I go.


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Thats what they make long sleeve t-shirts for..... emergencies:eek:

Had my first emergency in 18 years of hunting last Thursday. Most of the time I can make it back to the house. Benefit of hunting close to home.


It all depends......

I know what I had for dinner the night before.......


If I know I'm gonna have to "GO"......Then I come prepared.......If not......I just hold on till I can get to the "throne"!!!!!! :bounce:


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You would be amazed at how much a rumbling tummy full of last night's chili sounds like an old buck grunting!

I try to hold on until I can't hold on any more!


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prarrie dog

i couldnt ruin a mornin or night hunt with poopin in my stand. my luck wind would blow in my face. so i prarrie dog it!(just know what prarrie dogs do-in the hole-out the hole- back in the hole)
Turtle Head

Squeeze tight until I have a turtle head poking !! I can usually wait 'til I get home that evenining though. If Im camping, put it off as long as humanly possible. Then after I go I think to myself " that wasn't so bad, why did I suffer all day long for nothing?"
I get up about 2 hours before 1st light, drink about 1 1/2 pots of coffee, take care of my biddness, then go hunting ;)

I really like that quite time in the morning before everyone starts to get up.


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That waiting til the last minute can be veeeeerrrryyyy dangerous. Especially if you are in a climber. The action of coming down a tree in a portable can sure lower your "squeeze factor" and create a very messy situation! :speechles :speechles

Not that i speak from experience or nothing but last nights baked beans can become a real problem! :eek: :eek:


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I do like Jeff does. Coffee works wonders for getting things started and cleaned out before you begin the hunt. But be careful. Deer can smell coffee a mile away!
i kinda do what jeff and randy do. got a regular routine, 2-3 cups of coffee when i get up and a couple "sit-downs" before leaving the trailer and i'm cleaned out...but i take paper just in case....


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For those that hold it.....now we know why you're full of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)