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How do you explain those of us who buy piles of them, and they all work for years right out of the box and take bazillions of good pics, and never have any problems, then? I don't understand it.

To the OP: Have you tried it in still pic mode, or only in video mode? I never use video mode myself.
How do you explain the fact that there are so many people that have problems with them? There's probably way more WGI haters than people who like them
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So I set it up at the station yesterday. Took a number of videos and pictures so the camera does work. I'm going to put it back outside and see. Thanks for the input.

Jim Boyd

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I purchased 10 WGI’s and they are awful.

Admittedly, they were the lower end models.

I called WGI and their helpline was worthless.

From now on, it is Bushnell or Cabela’s.

The Cabela’s really do have a lifetime warranty even though the box says one year.

The Cabela’s nighttime photos do have a spot light effect though.

Other than that, they work excellently.

BTW, I have about 40 or so cams running - almost every brand.

Good luck.


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Change your sensitivity to high and see if that helps


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One of mine was giving me trouble, or so I thought. In the end it turned out to be a bad SD card!

Jim Boyd

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I did not have 10 bad SD cards.

I had 10 poorly functioning cameras.

Best of luck.....