Wild turkey legs and thighs


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My wife uses them to make a pot of dumplins.
The important thing is that you cook them in the crock pot first for 18-20 hours on low. This allows the meat to fall off the bone and all of the ligaments to harden so that you can separate the meat. I usually season and cover with water for this step. When it's done you'll have like 100 piece of ligament that are like toothpicks that you have to separate out.

After that, use it as you please. I put mine back in the crock pot with some taco type seasoning (cumin, tomato sauce, chopped chipotles in adobo sauce) and then put it on tacos when it's heated.

I'm actually in the middle of pictorial right now that i'll post in a couple of days.


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If you head to honest-food.net and search for his carnita recipe, I can personally attest to it being excellent. Some of the best use I’ve gotten out of the lower parts of a wild turkey.