2017 Turkey Smack Talk


“Rabbit Man”
Tennis shoes???I done told you I quit running from the guy in the green uniform and landowners.
This time tomorrow folks will be taking pictures of dead gobblers for the Challenge.

Sure hoping the Beard Mafia will be busy with cameras and measuring tapes.

If I kill a bird the chance I get all those photos exactly right is about 17%
I need about 5 hands and arms to do everything that has to be done to get "good" pictures. Just too much going on.

Tape measure, bird, camera, newspaper. Might be easier to kill the bird than to get the pics.

If I stumble on a ignorant bird that let's me kill it I'll just "phone a friend" and give it a try)


“Well Rounded Outdoorsman MOD “
Congrats to all of the lucky or good hunters today , I'll be after 1 in the morning with my daughter !