Anyone ever try to go a morning without coffee?

I had a fasting Lab yesterday morning. It was about 10:00 am before I had my first sip. I took one my wife's insulated sippy cups with me and it was the first thing I did when I got in my truck to leave. Whewwww!


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Yes. Back when I was about 5.
I've stopped and starting drinking coffee over the years.

I'll get a large coffee at RaceTrac every morning for a year and then get side tracked and just stop going by.
Then I'll pick it back up when it gets cold outside and stop when it get hot outside.

I stopped drinking coffee again about a year ago. About once a month I'll get a cup.

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I drink it most mornings when I go to work or from one job to another. I drink it most mornings in the winter, it makes me hot and I feel hot all day during the summer. I can definitely tell a difference when I don't drink it though.


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I may drink a 1/2 cup in the morning. Me and to much caffeine don't go together. I'm a little high strung in the morning without it.
Not unless I want a headache.:biggrin3:
I haven't missed my morning coffee since I was a little kid. My grandma got me hooked early with lots of cream & sugar. Now it's strong and black for me. DO NOT mess with me until I'm at least one cup in. :wink:
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One large cup every morning, must be addicted because I get a pretty good headache if I abstain for a day. Early cup of coffee with a quiet house is how I start my day.