Crossbow help. Broadheads....augh!!!


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Thanks for all the help folks. I wound up getting the Rage crossbow Hypodermic 100 gr. 2" group at 30 yds, 3" group at 40 yds! Didn't have time to get knockoffs in, but bought two packs for my trip and will probably take one back when I get home. Am I ever STOKED now!!! They're calling for a foot of snow the day before I get there!! BTW....that's the nastiest entry wound I've ever seen. Many thanks again......


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We had first measurable snow today up here, just 1/2" . Got off all next week to hunt the rut. Deer are just getting going up here in Wisconson. Post pics from your Iowa jouney.


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I’m by far no expert , but I know that fix blade broad heads will plane at high speeds.

I’ve been shooting the mechanical Rages 2 blades with good results since I started with the CB.

The only part I don’t like is paying for them…


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Rage 125 grain crossbow heads. Comes with a practice tip that flies the same as the actual broadheads, and they hit like a dang flying hatchet. Make sure they're the crossbow specific heads with the high impact shock collar.