Guns, Doodles, Old Dogs and Men 2020-2021


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Great Post. I love Brit's too. I miss my two, Ben and Belle. We spent many a day in the fields and woods. Good Luck and Keep Going.


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Last year I gave y'all an update on GADNR participating with Univ. Maine on woodcock research. Last year we banded 63 and put transmitters on 12.
This year was a little harder. We banded 48 and put transmitters on 11.

Of the 11, 10 have gave locations and 4 of those have moved off the WMA. 3 of the 4 have left the state (1 in KY and 2 in NC so far). Last year the half the birds had left by 2/27/2020 and so far this year about a third have left the state. So it seems the Spring migration is a little later this year.

I will try and update every so often when I can.

Out of last year's birds 2 went back to the same WMA they were captured on. One was harvested (transmitter bird no less - had traveled over 1,300 miles to News Brunswick and returned back to same WMA) and the other we caught again this year during our banding efforts. So that was pretty cool

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Thank you for the updates.


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Thanks for your story I really enjoyed reading it. Nothing IMO is better than being afield with a fine Dog and a shotgun. May you have many more years of hunting with your Dogs.


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I have a few old British SxS 12 gauges that I use from time to time. RST shells, 7/8 oz. I agree with you, British guns are light, but durable. Some turn their noses at 12 ga for quail, etc, but 7/8 oz is 7/8 oz, no matter what gauge it’s in.
Good read, thanks.
My Lucy is 13 and blind, winter 2020 was the last wild bird hunts for her, however i did take her to a preserve this year, bought some birds and turned them (and her) loose in an overgrown field. The nose still works fine.