Last day of season ... what do you do ?

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It is the last day of the season, its cold and cloudy, 37 degrees and misty raining, foggy and more bad weather is on the way in as the day moves on .... you have not killed a deer ... what do you do?

Go home and keep warm by the little lady?

Sit in your tower stand over looking a green field?

Take a mile hike back into the woods and climb up in your favorite stand?






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Very well written and said CPIPER. :clap: When people ask me why do I hunt, or why are you out in the woods at the crack of dawn, what you said is how I respond. Again, good job, and you said what a lot of folks feel, they just don't have the elmo to say it. ;)


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What you described is my favorite hunting conditions!!! :yeah: (minus the last day of course!)

I love those cold cloudy days with a drizzle....At the end of the season with those conditions, I would still hunt back into the thick stuff, and set up on a terrain break. :cool:
I would sit in the tower stand over a plot and enjoy the last day of the season. Maybe a deer might even show up as well. ;)
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There is no right or wrong answer, but I will suggest ….. The answer lies in, you should have had this base covered before deer season even started. Having scouted and become familiar with your property, you would have placed a stand in a spot or position for this very scenerio – late season tactics!
Deer are slaves to their stomachs! So a food sources is a good place to start your hunt. But not just any food source – an out of the way, perhaps forgotten source, forgotten or overlooked by other hunters. Could be a cut corn field, or perhaps a bean field that was not cut. Maybe a field on the back side of the farm that is often overlooked for more promising “looking” areas. A food source in or near the thickest nastiest cover, near an escape route/corridor. A hidden stand of oaks with remnant acorns. A thicket of young woody browse with a few remaining greens or mushrooms. Look for an area that had limited pressure during the season – perhaps a small isolated food plot.

Placing a stand in the right spot BEFORE season starts and saving it for the END of the season will ensure that you will still be in and on deer in the closing moments of the season.
This stand should be near a bedding area, the thickest and nastiest areas you can find, near a good remote food source, if your after Ol Mossy Horns.
And allow it to be a “sanctuary” DURING the season – save your BEST places for the tail end of the season.

And the best advise I can give you is … sit tight, don’t give up, have patience and don’t quit until the last second ticks off.



I stay in my box stand overlooking a "cut"..........

Then when the day is over, I say........."I sure wish the season wasn't over with"....... :cry: :cry: :cry:
Im with thunder on that one, that is my fav type of hunting conditions, u would have to beat me out of the woods not to hunt in them conditions. I would hunt 2 places I would hunt my morning stand which my fav type of hunt is any type of transition area, preferably looking at some 6-10ft pines boardering a hardwood bottom, being its the last day and the conditions are perfect i would hunt there till about 12, then go have lunch and proabably go to my box stand overlookin the foodplot for the afternoon hunt.


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Now let me see....37 degrees, cold, rainey, more bad weather progressing during the day? Already hunted hard all year and hadnt killed anything?

I can almost guarantee you that with every day a doe day and I've hunted hard all season then I've already had plenty of chances to take a deer or three. Unless I was HOT on a big ole buck then I'd be by the fire watching some kind of football game still eating some of the holiday treats left sitting around the house dozing and dreaming about the next season. ;) :rofl: :rofl: