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Springfield XD 9mm SN: US109151, black with 4" barrel, stolen in Statesboro. Ga


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Heads up for stolen guns in southwest Ga.

Last night, some people broke into my house, in Blakely, and stole 10 of my guns. Luckily, an informant in Bainbridge saw them trying to sell the guns in the housing projects and called the BPD. 6 of my guns were recovered and are in Bainbridge, right now, but the rest are still missing. One person is in custody and has given BPD the names of his accomplices. The following guns are still missing:

Ruger 77 in 30-06 - serial #79-74132 - this one was given to my son by my dad, so it has sentimental value

Remington 870 in 20 ga - one of these has been recovered, but BPD didn't say which one.
Express Youth Model in 20 ga. - serial #AB3466750
Wingmaster Light Weight in 20 ga - serial #T338378K

Remington 788 in 30-30 - serial #37325 - given to my son by my grandpa, has much sentimental value.

Remington 870 Express in 12 ga. - serial #B940876M

If anyone is reading this in the Bainbridge/Colquitt/Blakely area, please be on the lookout for these guns, if approached by anyone trying to sell a gun. The ECSO has the serial numbers and is entering them into the GCIC as stolen.

I would like to give a big thanks to BPD, the ECSO, and any others, who were involved in recovering these guns. Hopefully, I will be able to get the recovered guns back, soon.

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Recovered another stolen gun on 12/14/2011 in Monticello. CZ-75 stolen out of Porterdale. One jackleg in custody.


May the people who took any weapon of any type try to take more BUT meet the owner with his/her weapon "Locked & Loaded" & "At The Ready"!!:shoot:


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I just scanned the list and thankfully, did not see any of the "Used " guns that I have bought on here or the ODT site... Hope ya'll get your guns back.


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Stolen in Telfair Co. GA.
Two Ruger Vaqueros
SS 44 magnum, wood grips, 7 1/2" barrel, SN 056-95270
Blued 357 magnum, wood grips, 5 1/2" barrel, SN 058-35773



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Had my BLR Browning .308 lever action stolen near Whigham, Georgia about 4 years has my Florida driver's license number engraved on it. I just hope the low-life who stole it shoots it with an obstruction in the barrel and it blows up in his face. What goes around, comes around!


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Stolen in Statesboro, GA:

Glock 19 with trijicon night sights. SN: XXXXXX

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Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum, blued, black Hogue grips, 7 1/2" barrel. SN# 82-14424

Springfield 1911 A1 .45 auto SN# NM246764

Stolen a couple days ago from my house in western NC, but a lot of guns stolen here seem to wind up in Atlanta.


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Stolen in Milledgeville area. S&W SW40GVE, silver slide, green frame, SN: RAX5755, blue S&W case , and four magazines.


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My dad had his stolen in Eastman a few years back. S&W 1026. It has no safety and a frame mounted de-cocker. Stainless, 5" bbl and 9 round magazines. This is a rare gun, I think only about 3-4k were made in this particular model. If you find 1 in middle, ga, it might very well be my Dad's. serial# TFD 626*, will provide the last digit if someone runs across one to verify.


Coweta County: Robbed at Gunpoint in the woods

Unfortunately I had to sign up recently to get the word posted about a crime that took place in Newnan last Sunday. Be careful out there folks, and keep an eye and ear out for this very precious rifle that was stolen from me. My dear friend and mentor who took me under his wing from age 11 died in October and left me this rifle.

Winchester model 94 (30-30), checkered walnut stock, Tasco 3-9x scope on raised mounts, green webbing sling.

Thanks and be safe, I never before even considered carrying a handgun in the woods, but this makes you think. Attached is the BOLO page from Coweta County Sheriff's Office.


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This just - I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH - me off to no ends that someone will do this to another hunter in my hometown.
I think a good friend of mine is good friends with Ryan Foles. let me know if you need some help with this.

For sure if a stranger came up on some folks out in the woods it would end up with a dead drunk man.

lets put a bunch of us out in those woods and put another decoy hunter out there and see if hes stupid enough to try it again. AND have no mercey when we catch him.

I would be willin to bet that gun will turn up in a pawn shop in town.
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Wow! Sorry about your rifle, glad you didnt get hurt!


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Welcome to the forum, wish is was under different circumstances. I hope they catch the scum bag.:shoot::whip:
People/Criminals have gotten brave lately. I probably should not post what I would have done, But it would involve more than just the cops I can assure you that...Who in their right mind or any mind of that matter would approach a man with a loaded hunting rifle?

OP..Sorry this happened to you.


I am truly shocked that this occurred in my home county. I will keep my eyes out in the local pawn shops for your rifle. If I see it I will contact Law Enforcement. Sorry for your loss.


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WOW!!! I hate this happened to you!! Keep us updated on this!! Hope you get the gun back!


Trying to track down S/N through previous owners family. It was very unthoughtful of me to not write it down immediately after it was given to me, anyone who has guns that have been in the family or bought a long time ago make sure you have a list of all your serial numbers in safe keeping!