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this is why i keep a .45 on my hip and my grandpas old Garand behind the seat hidden. if the good ol 1911 dont whup up on a bad guy the M1 will knock him back to the year he was born... never know when a zombie or criminal or Nazi needs killing so she stays ready


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Date stolen: 12/6/2012
Location: Near Wrightsville, GA

S&W M&P .40c - S/N: DTK5715
Walther PPQ .40 - S/N: FAK3666


A good friend has his Colt Detective Special stolen in or near
Marietta, Ga in 2012. It was a snub nose bull barrel with
shiny reddish wood? grips. I think also the sides of the
hammer were unblued. Not sure if that was stock or a
trait of the individual pistol? Last four numbers of serial
number - 5876


browning bar 270

gun has social security# under butt plate has a leupold scope lost in dooly co. around river rd.and campers haven rd


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I moved from Ga to Wy back in the summer, but hopefully this will get some more people on the lookout. A Ruger blackhawk was stolen out of my truck on or around Dec. 13th , 2012. The theif came into my yard in Sheridan and took it out of my console. I think it was a kid or kids. My binos and 3 boxes of ammo were untouched , and to top it off my neighbor found the shoulder rig that it was in ... in his trash can. Go figure. The gun is a. 357 , stainless, and has a 4 & 5/8" barrel. The s/n is 3620714 and is in the fed. system as stolen.
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My old lever action model 99 .300 savage with a 1.5x4.5 Old Nikon skool scope without the bell on the front was stolen around this time last year. I think it could be around Quitman, HamCo FL, Lake City, FL or Myrtle Beach SC. It was gifted to me by one of my best friends and outdoor mentors, a fellow career firefighter. He has since passed on. Needless to say...I'm heartbroken. I want to make it patently clear I am not prejediced by a man's race or color...But, I HATE a thief... I had a black dude and a latin working for me in the warehouse the time...Black guys name is John. Latin dude Albert. Little guy. Tear tattooed on his cheek. Don't tell me it's my fault 'til you walk a mile in my shoes. I was trying to help them get back on track. That won't happen again. Anyway, the stock on the 99 had been broken and was glued back behind the trigger. If you see it or anyone tries to sell you this gun pm me asap. I will pay a $500 reward to get it back. There was also a brand new Glock 26 missing. It was in my work truck. Took my eyes off of it for a minute. My suspicions are the latin dude got the Glock and it's somewhere around Statenville/Echols/Hamco FL. The black guy is the only suspect for the 99. I lent it to him to go hunting. Never saw him again. He supposed to be in Myrtle Beach, Quitman or Lake City, Fl. Both of 'em are around 30 yrs old. Thanks for this post It reminded me to get back on it...And don't beat me up...I already whupped myself 'til I got stripes on my stripes...


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Last night from 12:15am - 1:45am my truck got broken into via the popular GMC screwdriver between the body and handle. The truck was parked at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church in Buckhead. Had an ammo can full of ~500 rounds of 9, two holsters, two mag pouches, eyes and ears, belt, 7 mags, contour action camera, and all my other misc gun gear. My maxpedition collosus pack that contained everything I needed to crash at a friends place/going out bag including a spare mag with defense loads, toiletries, credit cards, other plastic cards, first aid kits, keys, and my new breathalyzer.

Please be on the look out for my Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm full size, serial number MPM0366

It has a fresh black duracoat finish on the slide with an APEX trigger kit. The gun is not in usable condition as it does not have the takedown lever, that piece is at gentleman4561's place as thats where we painted and I was on my way there to crash and carpool to the IDPA match before this incident.


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Stolen from my car in Henry County.

Remington 592M 5mm remington mag #1079962
Beretta silver pigeon I 28 ga over under V08767S
Marlin XS& w Bushnell 3200 firefly scope MM47953S


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**stolen glock 30**

Stolen GLOCK 30 3rd GEN 45ACP



pistol has high sentimental value, reward if found and returned to owner.


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A good friend of mine had his house broken into this past Thursday. Took all but one of his guns, all his computers and his tv's. Figured i would post here to give you guys a heads up and maybe help find them. First , and to him most important, and engraved Smith and Wesson M&P 40c. Engraved with "OEF 2012-2013" And also "TF Renegade" . Next is a 12 ga Mossberg Maverick, and third is a Marlin 30-30. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ocilla Ga
Interarms 223

I had my rifle stolen several years ago (appx. 2003) It was an Interarms .223 bolt action serial number 7447. If anyone has is or has seen it, I would love to know. My dad bought me this for Christmas as my first deer rifle and I would love to get it back and give it to my son. I'm willing to pay what it's worth, just want my gun back. Thanks, everyone!


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Please keep an eye out for this pre #s rifle

Last year I helped a friend of mine by turning a non functional beater .22 he had into a shooter for his son.
He gave it to him as a Christmas gift and the kid was truly one of the most excited kids I've ever seen to receive it.
It started as a Marlin M99 with a lot of abuse and quite a few missing pieces and someone had threaded the barrel.
The Marlin M99 in its factory configuration is a M1 carbine lookalike
I put a lot of work into it and now it's one of a kind so it should be easy to spot. I cut off the threads and re crowned it, re blued the barrel skeletonized the stock and refinished with tru oil, I added the kids initials GLS in script to the stock with a brass plate from a trophy shop, refinished the aluminum parts and trigger with stainless alumi hyde, made a barrel band to fit from a Henry rifle barrel band. Not another one like it anywhere.

My buddy called the other day and asked If I had the serial # because it had been stolen in a burglary. I told him About it being a pre serial # rifle but I'm hoping due to the extensive modification someone can help us find it. I do have this pic. Please PM if you have seen this kids rifle anywhere, Ranges, Gun shops Pawn shops Etc. and get any info you can on who has it. Walton County PD are looking for it too. There was also another later model Marlin M99 with the original sling, rear sight (missing on many), and a centerpoint scope taken as well.


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Browning Gold Hunter 20 Wood stock
S & W M&P22
Rem 870 20 Synthetic Black Stock
Winchester model 60 22
H & R 242 youth model with camo stock
Stevens 17 with Bull barrel, Synthetic Black Stock

Stolen in Oconee County on Thursday the 14th
Please let me or the Oconee County Police know if you hear of any of these guns for sale.


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Gun stolen out of truck in driveway

Winchester Super X 2, wood stock, blue metal, 26" barrel, all original except for Easy-Hit front sight (Tom Knapp used to use these). Stolen out of truck on St. Simons Island just before Christmas, 2014. Makes you sick that someone would do this. Was reported to Glynn Co. Police, and serial # was entered into NCIC. Please respond if you know anything about this.
Thanks, Steve
23 guns stolen 4-10-15

Rugermini 14 stainless 196-28xxx,win 22, savage 22 glocks 32 gen 3' 32 gen 4 ,27 23 23 22 22 39 m&p 357 sig m&p 40 atl police, ak47 century, sig dark earth 516 fns s-9, my late dads guns marlin 30/30 marlin 35, win 30/30 remington 742 has redfield scope mosberg and son 22 looks like m1 has old army strap 2 muskets springfield 1874 the other was from 70's steven shotgun i am so sick about this stolen in mcdonough ga 678-644-0765


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Rugermini 14 stainless 196-28xxx,win 22, savage 22 glocks 32 gen 3' 32 gen 4 ,27 23 23 22 22 39 m&p 357 sig m&p 40 atl police, ak47 century, sig dark earth 516 fns s-9, my late dads guns marlin 30/30 marlin 35, win 30/30 remington 742 has redfield scope mosberg and son 22 looks like m1 has old army strap 2 muskets springfield 1874 the other was from 70's steven shotgun i am so sick about this stolen in mcdonough ga 678-644-0765


I hope you had the serial numbers for them. How were they all stolen?
yes I have the numbers here is a picture of the Mossberg and sons 22 has a crack in stock. thanks jt


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Ken Grant

Stolen Carbine

Hi-Point 4595TS Ser.# R53096 .45 ACP

FedEx delivered to a wrong person miles from my home and never recovered it .
I listed it on ATFE site and made a local LEO report
Stolen glock 27

Hello, i had a Gen 3 Glock 27 with two magazines stolen a couple months back. It was a former police weapon so both magazines had serial numbers engraved in them.