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Mollie was a stray that came up bout 6 -7 yrs ago, half starved and severe case of mange. Wife and I fed her, I treated her for mange, and within a couple weeks she was a purty dog. Brindle Mt curr. What I didn't know was she was a good sq dog. We guessed her to be bout 10 yrs old. She treed sqs and house cats so I took her in the woods and could kill a mess of sqs almost every trip. But, she had heart worms, and I didn't get to keep her but about 2 yrs. She got worse, so had to take her to vet and put to sleep. She was a special old dog and I miss her a lot. That's a pic of her treeing sq up a huge pine bout a year before she died.☹️ 1229151246r.jpg


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I am sorry you lost your pet they sure can be special to us Dog lovers. We had a Black Lab named Mollie your post reminds me of her. Our Mollie died in 2007 after 13 years with us.. May both our Mollie Dogs RIP..


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Sir, you saved her life and she gave you lots of love and good times in return. Ain't nothing like a good squirrel dog. Sorry for your loss. Last February I had to put down 2 of my squirrel dogs on the same day. One was 17 and the other was 15. Still think of them every day. Dogs are family to me......
Sorry for your loss, I’m sure she was a special dog that was meant to be with you.
My dad had hunting dogs galore in the 60’s when I was a kid. They ran deer all the time on backside of Sinclair when it was a wilderness. The best dog he ever had was a stray much like yours that he found in the woods. Dad is 93 and still we talk about that dog from time to time. He was special too and made me a dog lover for life. Again sorry for your loss but you gain so much from them.
Sorry for your loss,

I cant imagine a life without them.

We currently have a Mtn. fiest that showed up as a stray. Man its gonna kill me when she goes.