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Thought about this after reading the " Buckshot thread " What's the deer killings story you should probably keep to yourself. I'll start I shot my first buck on ossabaw with a 30/30 and shot at him 8 times only hitting him the 2nd and 8th shot To say the least I had BUCK FEVER!!!!
I too was a victim of buck fever... At 11 yrs old hunting with my BIL in heard co.. Killed a doe at daylight. 2 hrs later had another doe come by me and let it walk to my BIL. As she passed I looked up the trail where she had come from and seen bambi's daddy standing there... 60 yards away in open hardwoods and all I could do is look at his antlers! I never raised the gun!
Here is a story about probably the biggest buck I ever saw while hunting.

Many years ago, me and another guy were muzzleloader hunting in central NC. We were hunting two different farms, both a pretty good drive from camp. One morning, we took his truck out to hunt. He dropped me off where I was hunting, and left to go to the farm he was hunting, and was going to pick me back up later in the morning. After he drove away, I realized that I had left my possibles bag with all my reloads and stuff in his truck. Durnit.

I sat for a couple hours, and I was beginning to think I wouldn't see anything that morning. About that time, a big doe came through. The woods were pretty thick there, and when I shot at her, I hit a tree limb instead of the deer. I decided to sit there for a little while before I got down and went to make sure that I had missed her. In a couple minutes, I heard something and looked around to see a huge buck coming down the powerline. He came straight to a white oak tree about twenty yards from me and stood there broadside eating acorns for about fifteen minutes, while I sat there with my empty gun and cussed myself. Of course, I never saw him again.
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Last year I slid my rifle forward on shooting rail and knocked my clip out no big deal cause I always keep a Barney Fieff bullet in my pocket. Well wouldn't ya know biggest buck I've ever had pics of comes strolling in I shoot him knock him around He's dazed !!! I stand up dig my Fieff bullet out my pocket shoot him again and he staggers around and leaves found some blood jumped him never saw him again !!! ( called tracking dog )
Here's one of my articles that I wrote for a traditional bowhunting magazine a few years ago. It is unfortunately, based on an all-too-true story.


I remember reading that one. I believe I still have a copy. Good read. (y)
Cool! I used to write a good bit for that magazine, and I wrote their Medicine Man department for a few years.
My first deer, a doe, was shot with all 5 shells in my 12ga M1200 pump (Kept movin, I kept shootin'!). It was butchered by a couple of the fellas at the camp the next day after they sent me out for my first buck.

The verdict? I hit it all 5 times! But.....I'd mixed one load of birdshot in the tube with the slugs...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Back in the latter 70's my Uncle took my Brother and I to our club in Louisiana, since my dad was offshore at the time.

My Uncle put my brother in is box stand and told him to shoot'em all if they came in to the corn pile. He was shooting a 1100 Remington 12 ga auto 5 rounds with 00 buckshot, about two hours after daybreak all heck broke out, 5 shots followed by another three, a few of them later three were delayed shots, not so much the first five.

After mass was 4 dead does. When my Uncle asked why some of them was bleeding from the bottom of their hoofs, the reply was they was still kikkin. I won't never forget that one. LOL.

I have some about me but, kinda embarrassing.

At age 6 my dad set me up in a 10 or 12 ft ladder stand one morning and gave at me some last min instructions before walking off to hunt (not far from me) At daybreak I had a buck come right to my stand. All I could do was shake in amazement at the head gear. Shortly after that a doe come in close and I put a 410 slug thru the boiler room. After telling dad he was like why didnt you shoot the buck. To this day I dont know why
I was 15 years old and took a friend of the family with me to videotape the hunt. He was 12 at the time. A doe and spotted fawn came out about 50 yards away and I was shaking like a leaf. I hit the bottom of my climber with my bow and and the fawn ran up 5 yards. I drilled her and she ran 10 yards and fell dead. I was pumped so when I turned around my little friend had a tear in his eye. I said 'did you record that!' He said, man, that thing was so small that I didn't think that you'd shoot it so I didn't even pick up the camera. Glad he didn't record it now

You do anything with "Primitive Archer" . I saved a ton of them too.
Yep, that's the mag I'm talking about and that the story above was published in. I wrote a ton of stuff for them, including several years of the Medicine Man department and who knows how many feature articles and back page stories/essays. I was an associate editor for awhile.


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In my first or second year of hunting. I was sitting high in a climber watching an oak laden finger that ran down to a swamp. It was a few minutes after ten and I was freezing to death so I made my mind up that I was going to leave at 10:30. We'll at 10:25 I had all I could stand so I tied the rope to my sling and began to lower my rifle. With my rifle dangling 5 or six feet below I heard shuffling of dry leaves. Look up to see three does with a nice buck pop up on the finger. I was all tore up. Pulled my rifle up to get a shot at him and missed. The deer went every direction, they didn't know where the shot came from. He was gone. I spotted a doe and shot at her, missed and she ran toward me, shoot and miss again and she runs even closer. Finally dropped her with my last shell.

My Dad's first words were something to the effect of, I hope you got something to show after all that!