What are your "NEW YEARS" plans????

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Well, for me......

I'll be driving south down I-75.........

WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

It's just another normal day for me.......

The good part is this.....

I'll be in the Hotel all day just watchin' Football game after Football game!!!!!!!!!!! :p
My bride and I will be in Auburn with some friends that recently moved down there.

I'll be home before the real bowl games get started :D


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I will be dropping 2 turkeys in the fryer, eating black eyed peas, collards and watching football with my freinds and families. There will probably be a fews lies told also!!
I am in a wedding in Louisiana. It is an early wedding and we are only going to be an hour from New Orleans, I hope I am feeling okay for the wedding :eek:


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New Years!

HUNT, FISH, HUNT, FISH, HUNT, FISH, HUNT, OH did you mean New Years Day or the New Year, well it don't matter, HUNT, FISH, HUNT, FISH, etc.

dog1 ::gone:


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I'll be sitting in the woods on New Years Eve Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day all by my poor little lonesome. Oh how WILL I be able to stand it? Poor me.



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New Year's Eve morning we will start cutting, choppin' and cookin' the collards and Hoppin' John for New Years. Then the whole family loads up and heads to the Peach Bowl. We take in the whole sebang every year from the parade to fanfest to the game with a lot of tailgating mixed in.

11AM on the 1st the collards and hoppin John will be ready just in time to see the Dawgs whop the Badgers. BTW, does anyone remember the last time the techies played on New Year's Day?!?!?! ::huh:

Anyone that wants to drop over for for some greens and beans are welcome!

Just send me a PM so I can get a basic head count but I'll have atleast a 5 gallon pot of each!

The 60" TV wuill be on Bowl Games all day!

Y'all come!

PS: Thanks to Uncle Vernon, this year we will also have Red Russian Kale!!!



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Well I have plans to be in the woods for the last hunt in Ga. for this year. My new years resolution posted on here last year was to hunt more. Well that didn't happen got on a new lease and I have went hunting on it one weekend. Did manage to kill a skin head that weekend. Would like to put one more in the freezer to hold me to next year. My New Years resolution this year is to hunt more next year. ;)


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sitting in my stand watching my empty food plot , same as ive been doing all season !!! I keep telling my self the deer will be here any minute. over and over, the deer will be here any minute!! in january!!!


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The only tail them badgers gonna whoop is their own when they tuck it and run from Florida. Dem Dawgs gonna show them what swiss cheese is all about !

Before dat, I'll probably be in the swamp hoping some dumb duck will fly close enough to me for me to embarrass myself and scare the duck :banginghe :bounce:


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New Year's Day, laying around resting for work coming up. Eating collards, peas, and cornbread. A day or so later.....start loosing 40 lbs. (again :confused: :eek: )

Will be planning my last 2 weeks of vacation (turkey season and catfishing/bow fishing) before Apr. 1 when my 5 weeks vacation starts over again. :D

Happy New Year guys and gals....



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I will be camping(RVing) at RedTop Mt. State Park . Sittin round the campfire and watching the Dawgs woop some Badger butt on my Direct TV hookup. Life is good.

Happy New Year