20 gauge for turkey?

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Looking for some help. I'm just getting into turkey hunting but I only have a 20ga 870 I've used for slug hunting. I have the standard barrel, but need suggestions on chokes. Load suggestions, and does anyone else hunt with a 20ga. Money is tight right now like alot of other folks and buying a new 12ga is out of the question. Thanks for the help.
My first turkey gun was a 20 guage model 50 winchester full choke barrel chambered for 2 3/4" only. I would slip in a 3" magnum but that limited me to one shot as the hull would hang up after firing. I killed around 10 birds with that gun til I bought the same gun in a 12 guage. Still got them both after all these years.
I shoot an 870 3 inch express with a tru-glow turkey choke. Matter of fact that is what I duck hunt with also including the turkey choke . Never killed a turkey (YET) but it will put the smackdown on a duck at 50 yards.
My kids all learned to turkey hunt with a NEF 20 ga in full choke. Used 3" turkey loads. I liked it too and carried it often on my own. Killed many birds with that gun. But like you're not going to be lethal with a bow at 120 yds. make sure you limit shots to effective range. Under 30 or 35 yds would probably be best depending on how the gun patterns. I guarantee if you drop one from that close you'll be hooked for life!
MKW is the resident guru on any forum when it comes to the lil guns. LOL
I moved to a 870 26" Knoxx ops two years ago. Although Nitro 7s will spank the pants off of anything, I shoot H 13 6s outta a Pure Gold 555 www.Gameacc.net With vintage H 13 I can average 125 in a ten inch circle at 40 yds.
gettin' older so I bought a youth model turkey 870 in 20 because it is lighter and easier to handle. this year will be my first with it- will let you know


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Nothing wrong at all with a 20 g. My first dozen or so birds, I killed using a 20ga, 3in. Winchester XX #6's....like everybody said, out to around 30 yards with factory choke and ammo....no problem!
20 is all I use. It's an 870 with an Indian Creek choke. I used Hevi-13 #6's, but this year I'm jumping on the Nitro train.

My gun, with lead, would only be good out to 30 to 35 yards, but the Hevi-13 made it a true 40 yard gun.

They are a blast to carry.


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I killed my first turkey with a 20 gage!!!!
I love hunting with that gun, it is a sweet lil gun.

Mossberg...chambered for 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells....changable barrels- one for turkey hunting and the other for pigs and deer.